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Course Questions


Does the course cover all hair types?

As of today, our course covers hairstyles for children with straight or wavy hair. If your child has particularly curly hair, this course may not be helpful for you at this point. However, we plan on creating a course designed specifically for cutting black children’s hair – this will be included in the lifetime membership for all customers. If you’d like to be notified when this course is released, please email

How long is the course?

The main Barber Mom course for boys contains about an hour of video, while the girls’ course contains about 45 minutes.

Now – think about how long it takes to load your kids in the vehicle, drive them to the barbershop, get the haircuts, and drive home. When it comes to time and money – this course pays itself off in only a few haircuts.

Does it cover boys' and girls' haircuts?

Of course! Our website focuses heavily on cutting boy’s hair, since boy’s cuts tend to be more difficult and tedious; and in order to keep a gentleman’s haircut looking nice, it needs to be cut often. However, you’ll get access to both the boys’ and girls’ courses so you can confidently do haircuts for each of your kids. We’re here to help you save money.

If I’m not happy with the course, can I get my money back?

Since this is a digital product, we cannot offer a full money-back guarantee. Once you’ve taken the course, the knowledge cannot be returned. However, we want all of our customers to be happy and to know you have received a good value. So if you’re unhappy for any reason, email and we’ll set up a phone call. We want to know what we could do better and how we can make it right. And if you’re hesitant about signing up, get a free account so you can watch the first module – “5 Rookie Haircut Mistakes to Avoid.”

Do I take the course while I cut the hair?

We do not recommend taking the class for the first time while cutting your child’s hair. You should:

  1. Take the course.
  2. Print the Hair Cutting Guide.
  3. Cut the hair, using the guide to walk you through each step.

Remember, if you have Lifetime Access, you can always come back and rewatch any video.

What does lifetime access include?

Lifetime access means you will be able to take the course as many times as you’d like. You’ll get all the core videos, as well as access to any videos that we update or add in the future. (Note: there may be additional courses that will be available for an extra fee, such as certain hairstyles.)

Can I take the course on my phone?

Yes! The course is designed to work on any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Can I share my login with my friends?

Please don’t! If you paid for a single license, please don’t share it with friends or (especially) don’t share it online. We reserve the right to monitor which I.P. address your account is logging in from and suspend accounts that appear to be sharing login info. If you love our product and want your friends to enjoy it, please encourage them to purchase it, just as you did.

Who are the instructors?

Spike the Barber is a master barber who has taught hundreds of barbers and beauticians all over the United States. Kimberly Thompson is a professional hair stylist and makeup artist who made a name for herself helping celebrity clients in the L.A. area. Learn more about them on our Meet the Instructors page.

Which haircuts do you teach?

You’ll have a few great options to choose from. For boys’ haircuts, you will learn the ever-popular side part, the spiky cut, and the easy (but still tricky) buzzcut. For girls, we’ll cover bangs, a traditional trim, and a layered cut. All of these are easy enough to pull off at home, but nobody will guess you did it yourself.

Will the videos always be the same?

Nope! Trends change and we want to keep you in the know. That’s what lifetime access includes – the latest information. Sometimes the new videos will be free, but we may also offer courses for a specific hairstyle that can be added on for a low price.

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